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Kristy Setnes PT, PRPC

Kristy Setnes is a highly experienced physical therapist who has been practicing for over 40 years. She is a proud graduate of the physical therapy program at the University of Minnesota and has since treated complex orthopedic conditions of the spine, pelvis, hips, shoulder, and neck. For 23 years, Kristy was the pelvic health lead specialist at Regions hospital, where she helped countless patients with pelvic health issues. She holds certification as a Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Practitioner from the well-respected Herman & Wallace Institute. Kristy’s effective treatment methods have been successful for many patients who have not found relief through other forms of rehabilitation. She is known for providing timely, accurate assessments, and efficient treatment to her patients.

In her personal life, Kristy and her husband are proud parents of eight children – 3 grown, 5 teens on their way. Ethiopia and the world of autism are near to her heart. In her free time she enjoys dance, gardening, reading and sharing a glass of wine with friends old and new.

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